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Volunteer Ombudsman

Volunteer Ombudsman Program

The people who live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities are often the most vulnerable. They often don’t have people looking out for them or speaking up for them. Our Volunteer Ombudsman Program seeks to change the lives of people living in such facilities. 

What Do Volunteer Ombudsmen Do?

Volunteer ombudsmen are a voice and representative for those living in nursing homes, long term care, and assisted living facilities. They listen to complaints and uncover problems residents are facing and help to resolve them. By monitoring living conditions and looking into problems, ombudsmen are able to protect the residents’ rights and ensure that issues are taken care of. 

A volunteer ombudsman will typically visit a facility on a weekly basis. In addition to looking into issues and problems, you will get to spend time with the residents. This is one of the most rewarding parts of volunteering. You are able to build relationships with the people you are an advocate for, and you get to see the difference you make in their lives.

What Are the Qualifications to be a Volunteer Ombudsman?

Volunteer ombudsmen serve under the supervision of CareLink’s regional ombudsmen. You must be at least 18 years old, and you can’t have any immediate family members either employed or living at the facility you will visit. 

There are no special requirements to be a volunteer ombudsman, other than a positive attitude, genuine care for the elderly, and good communication skills. CareLink provides volunteers with the necessary training, including a day-long training class and a 12 hour orientation at the facility you will be working in. 

Apply to be a Volunteer Ombudsman

If you are interested in serving in our Volunteer Ombudsman Program, click below to fill out an online application. Call us for more information on this important, life-changing program.

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