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Our Impact

Thank you for investing in care for seniors this year. As we continue to advocate for older people in Arkansas, we rely on your support more than ever as the need is continuing to grow despite stagnant funding. 10,000 people are turning 65 in the United States every day and Arkansas still ranks worst in the nation for hunger among seniors.

Last year, we had to institute our first waiting list for Meals on Wheels in over a decade, but through support from our wonderful donors, we were able to remove the waiting list in 2018. Moving into 2019, Carelink plans to:

  • Expand the number of older people receiving meals through Meals on Wheels
  • Increase awareness about services
  • Continue striving to meet the needs of seniors through programs like Urgent Needs, Senior Companions and In-Home Care

We are so thankful for you loyal support and trust in us. Thank you for all you do for seniors in Central Arkansas.

Older people want to remain living in their own home, maintain their independence, and stay connected to their community. Last year we helped with:

Meals on Wheels: 635,660 meals made in our kitchen and delivered by volunteers and staff. [Arkansas ranks #1 in the nation for senior hunger]

Homecare & Respite: 490,564 hours of care provided in the homes of older people.

Counseling, Info & Assistance: 12,439 contacts served through programs and counseling.

Senior Companion: our group of senior volunteers provided 20,871 hours of care to older people in need.

Transportation: 56,315 group rides provided.

Urgent Needs: we provided safety equipment and installation as well as home improvements including air conditioning units, furniture, emergency groceries, appliances and assistance with utilities.

Along with 38 years of other impactful programs:

  • Pace Program 
  • Ombusdman
  • Assistive Devices 
  • Senior center activities 
  • Health promotion 
  • Senior employment 
  • Telephone check-in 
  • Care coordination 
  • Emergency response buttons
  • Client representation 
  • Medicare assessments 
  • Legal assistance