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Meals on Wheels

Serve Arkansas Elders Through Meals on Wheels


If your limited mobility prevents you from cooking a meal, how are you supposed to eat?

For many homebound older people in Little Rock and the surrounding areas in Arkansas, they face this challenge daily. They need daily meals, but these seniors are not able to drive and are not in positions to cook healthy meals with ease.

Because of this, CareLink steps in to help.

CareLink’s Meals on Wheels initiative provides nutritious lunches for senior citizens that are either homebound or struggle to get out of the home. We recognize that these seniors need healthy meals, and we are grateful to provide those meals--either warm or frozen--to them.

Our team offers Meals on Wheels services in Little Rock each weekday.

How to Receive Meals on Wheels in Little Rock

While advances in medicine and medical practices have extended the life expectancy for an increasing number of seniors, more homebound older people will need assistance with their daily lives. If you fall into that category and need assistance from CareLink, we are happy to help.

Nationally, Meals on Wheels helps 2.4 million seniors elders. Meals on Wheels America performed a study and found the following numbers:

  • 92% of seniors say Meals on Wheels allows them to remain living at home

  • 87% of seniors believe Meals on Wheels helps them feel safe and secure

  • 83% of seniors think Meals on Wheels improves their overall health


Our state of Arkansas ranks first nationwide in food insecurity among seniors. In Arkansas alone, 153,948 elders are threatened by hunger. That is why we are here to help.

If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can assist you or one of your family members, we encourage you to submit a form at the link below stating that you are interested. You can also call 501-372-5300 for more information.


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How to Volunteer for Meals on Wheels in Little Rock

While we at CareLink want to serve as many as possible, we cannot reach all the seniors that benefit from our services alone. We welcome all volunteers willing to help us in preparing, cooking and delivering meals to our elders.

Each volunteer takes one hour per week and delivers on a route that reaches 10-15 people. Volunteers often are associated with churches and nonprofit organizations, and we even have corporate partners. We welcome any and all volunteers.

Are you interested in volunteering for Meals on Wheels in Arkansas? Please complete the volunteer application and call 501-372-5300 for more information on becoming a volunteer.

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