Homebound and Happy: 3 Enjoyable Activities for Homebound Seniors

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Homebound and Happy: 3 Enjoyable Activities for Homebound Seniors

Most seniors prefer to live in the privacy of their own homes over retirement communities and nursing home facilities, and understandably so. The freedom and independence of living in one’s home can do wonders for physical and mental health.

Organizations like CareLink seek to support homebound seniors and their caregivers by providing a wealth of resources, but there are many things caregivers and those who are homebound can do to make the most of independent living.



Activities for Homebound Seniors

Physical exercise is essential to overall health and well-being, but mental stimulation is also important to keep spirits and energy levels up for those who are homebound, so we’re sharing some our favorite homebound activities for older people.


1. Board + Card Games

Board games are fun for everyone, and there’s an endless supply of options available. From classics like Scrabble, Clue, and Checkers that encourage logical thinking and motor skills to new favorites like Life and Sorry, board games can provide hours of fun and mental exercise.

Card games like Solitaire and Emperor only require a deck of cards and one person, but if you have a neighbor who has time to spare, or if you’re a caregiver providing for a loved one, multiplayer games like Spades, Bridge, and Go Fish are classics everyone can enjoy.


2. Reading

Reading is a favorite hobby of many homebound seniors. Most libraries offer a sizeable selection of large print books for seniors, and many libraries, including the Central Arkansas Library System, offer books by mail programs that allow homebound members to check out a variety of resources mailed directly to your home.



Audiobooks have become more popular over the last few years, and many new releases and beloved classics are offered at libraries and bookstores throughout Arkansas. Audiobooks are also a fun way to pass the time for homebound older people. Books By Mail programs like those offered by the Central Arkansas Library System allow homebound members to request print and audiobooks to be delivered directly to your home.

Large book retailers like Barnes and Noble also offer a large selection of audiobooks that can be shipped directly to your front door. Whether you’re a fan of classic mysteries or you can’t wait to get your hands on the latest releases, there’s an audiobook for you.

Large Print Books

Most libraries and major retailers offer a significant selection of large print books that can be shipped to your home. Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and many other retailers offer a selection of large print new releases, mysteries and thrillers, contemporary fiction, classics, and much more.


Some readers prefer the touch and feel of a physical book, but others are attracted to the perks of e-books. E-books are essentially digital copies of books that can be read on a phone, tablet, computer, or a special e-book reader such as the Barnes and Noble NOOK, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Fire tablets, and more.


What is the difference between a tablet and an e-reader?

While e-readers and tablets both allow users to read digital books, tablets offer more features and capabilities, including applications (apps), games, the ability to watch movies and listen to music, and more. Because they have more features, tablets tend to cost slightly more than traditional e-book readers.


3. Giving Back

What better way to spend your time than by volunteering to help others. There are many opportunities to give back from the comfort of your own home.

Baby Blankets and Clothing for Expecting Mothers

While there are many organizations that work to provide blankets and clothing to mothers in need, you may know of expecting mothers in your community who could also benefit from clothing and blankets. Hand-crafted afghans are also a heartfelt gift for any soon-to-be mother.

Blankets for Charities

Many organizations allow volunteers to sew or create no-sew blankets for animal shelters, parents of stillborn infants, homeless shelters, cancer survivors, and others. Here are just a few organizations that work with homebound seniors seeking opportunities to serve.


Letters to Soldiers

There are several organizations that connect volunteers with American soldiers serving abroad. Homebound seniors can write letters to soldiers stationed all over the world in need of encouragement, or you can participate in an Adopt a Soldier program that pairs soldiers with a volunteer who can send gifts, food items, letters, books, and more. 


Services for Homebound Older People in Little Rock

CareLink provides specialized services for homebound older people in Little Rock who wish to live independently in their own homes. From helping to provide daily essentials like food and companionshiop to resources on legal advice and Medicare, CareLink can connect caregivers and independent seniors alike with the resources they need.




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