Program Coordinator - Wellness and Fitness

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Program Coordinator - Wellness and Fitness

Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor degree Exercise Science or related discipline preferred 
  •  2 years’ experience in aging services or related human services field 
  •  1 year supervisory experience 
  •  Experience in the development and implementation of exercise and activity programs for older people 


  • Knowledge of specialized work to be supervised 
  •  Knowledge of regulations and requirements of funding source 
  •  Knowledge of senior wellness and fitness requirements 
  •  Ability to organize and coordinate the work of others 
  •  Ability to collect and compile data 
  • Ability to set standards and objectives 
  •  Ability to problem solve 
  •  Ability to provide a positive working environment for staff 



  •  Researches, develops, and implements wellness and fitness programs for seniors 
  •  Researches grant opportunities and prepares applications to fund wellness and fitness programs 
  • Brings wellness and fitness to a wide variety of service distribution points 
  • Coordinates with the State Division of Aging to provide necessary data and research to further the development of senior wellness 
  • Provides a mix of evidence and non-evidence based fitness programs 
  • Develops and implements events and activities that promote wellness and fitness 
  •  Works with the Aging Network Senior Centers to further development programs at the centers 
  • Annually increases participation in wellness and fitness programs 
  •  Develops programs to promote wellness and fitness for CareLink staff 
  •  Supports and encourages organizational and employed development 
  •  Communicates and reinforces organizational values 
  •  Defines and shares departmental purpose and vision with staff 
  •  Leads and gains support of others in overcoming defined obstacles 
  •  Manages change by positive and timely communication 
  •  Participates in problem solving discussions and demonstrates support of outcome regardless of personal view 
  • Practices a supervisory/management style which contributes to a positive and productive work climate for all employees
  • Works within policies and procedures for personnel actions, e.g., performance evaluations, counseling, leave approval, selection, orientation, etc.
  • Regularly meets with staff individually and as a group to provide feedback, problem-solve, and to communicate information
  • Regularly utilizes positive reinforcement to develop and motivate employees
  • Celebrates achievement of department and staff
  • Recommends changes to procedures
  • Ensures compliance of work functions with funding requirements, licensing, agency policy and other external requirements
  • Trains staff in specific job tasks and assists as needed
  • Schedules work load and coordinates activities
  • Establishes record keeping procedures
  • Prepares reports concerning activities of program
  • dentifies and recommends solutions to problems
  • Responds to customer questions/complaints
  • Evaluates work processes
  • Defines standards and methods for monitoring performance
  • Participates in the identification of program objectives and coordinates work group’s activities for meeting objectives
  • Initiates and tracks purchase requisitions
  • Collects data for budget development
  • Reviews monthly financials for accuracy and requests corrections
  • Prepares regular summary report of program utilization, e.g., units of service, admissions/discharges


  •   Maintains regular attendance 
  •  Adheres to scheduled work hours