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Emergency Response Button

Emergency Response Button

At CareLink, we know that having someone on call, day or night, to help with emergencies is essential. Not only do emergency response buttons provide a life-saving link, but they also give peace of mind to older people and their families.

Why Choose An Emergency Response Button?

In an emergency, every second matters. Being home alone during a fall or at the onset of a stroke or heart attack can be life-threatening and terrifying. By wearing an emergency response button around the neck or wrist or even clipped to a belt, an individual is able to quickly and conveniently call for help as soon as possible.

Emergency response buttons offer two-way communication, allowing an individual to speak to the person on the other end of the line. Trained operators at the Response Center have access to all of the individual’s critical information – including who they are, where they live, and who to contact – and are prepared to coordinate a rapid response.

Immediate medical response can also make a huge difference in an individual's ability to return home after an incident. More than anything, emergency buttons can help reduce anxiety and allow one to feel more independent. Living alone as a homebound person can increase feelings of loneliness and worry. With the help of an emergency response button, there is always someone there to help when an emergency strikes.

How Can CareLink Help With Emergency Buttons?

CareLink provides a range of services to homebound older people in the central Arkansas area. Emergency buttons are yet another way we can connect older people to the services they need most. By contacting us today, we can set up the emergency medical alert system that you or a loved one needs. Let’s discuss the best solution today!

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