Tai Chi @ UAMS Institute on Aging

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Fitness Schedule

Tai Chi @ UAMS Institute on Aging

01/25/2021, 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM

Weekly on Monday,Wednesday,Friday

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Sheery Woods 501-526-5779


Tai Chi is a low-impact, weight-bearing form of aerobic exercise. It is a great start for beginners to improve health and wellness. Benefits include:


  • Improve physical condition, muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility
  • Increase circulation, heart and lung function
  • Decreases the risk of falls
  • Improve balance and muscle control
  • Improves gait, stride length and reach
  • Improves posture stability and ADL
  • Ease pain and stiffness 
  • Improves sleep 
  • Reduces depression 
  • Overall wellness