What Resources Are Available for Older People in Central Arkansas?

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What Resources Are Available for Older People in Central Arkansas?

What Resources Are Available for Older People in Central Arkansas

CareLink prides itself on helping the communities of Central Arkansas find resources for the elderly. Learn more about what services CareLink offers. Here’s a list of those resources with information on how homebound seniors, active older people, and family caregivers can get the most out of them.

Resources for Homebound Older People

Meals on Wheels

For senior citizens who can’t always get to the grocery store or prepare hot meals, Meals on Wheels offers delivery services with hot, fresh, and tasty food delivered right to their doors. Many seniors say that Meals on Wheels even helps them live independently! Frequent in-home visits have proven to help prevent falls, meet nutritional needs, combat social isolation, and address safety hazards.

With congregate meals, which Meals on Wheels offers, seniors can meet friends at a central location, like a senior center, and dine together. This helps mobile seniors socialize with neighbors and friends in their communities.

Support for Aging in Place

Through its HomeCare services, CareLink provides resources for the aging community in Central Arkansas to help with personal care, household chores, and healthcare. Moreover, hiring a trained aide to come in and assist with specific tasks can make these daily tasks more manageable, and remove some of the pressure from a family caregiver. While these HomeCare services can be completely customized, assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing, light housekeeping, mobility assistance, meal preparation, and much more is available.

Additional Resources

The elderly can also find help with Medicare prescription drug counseling, in-home respite care, and legal assistance. Medicare Part D needs to be renewed annually in order to get the best coverage for ongoing prescriptions, and CareLink helps seniors understand how and when to do this.

In-home respite care is available for those who need constant care when caregivers need a break. There is also legal assistance to help with living wills, property disputes, or concerns with personal finances and Social Security.

Resources for Active Older People

Fun and Fitness

Active seniors can enjoy many fun and exciting activities provided by CareLink. This includes fun and fitness at the CareLink Fitness and Wellness Center. Anyone over the age of 60 is welcome to join an upbeat Zumba class (which boosts cardiovascular fitness) or Tai Chi (a self-paced focused class for improving muscular strength, flexibility, and mobility).

The sense of community from group fitness classes is unmatched, and the classes are achievable and doable for aging Arkansans. Participating in regular group fitness classes can help hold you accountable and allow you to stay socially connected.

Volunteer Opportunities

Active older people may also find a passion for volunteering. Perhaps you have recently retired and finally, have the time to volunteer in a type of service that inspires you.

Volunteers are always needed and welcomed for Meals on Wheels, in Senior Centers, and through the Volunteer Ombudsman program. For elderly living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, a Volunteer Ombudsman can be a voice and a representative for them where they may not otherwise be heard.

These special volunteers meet weekly with residents, listen to complaints, resolve issues, and provide companionship. Qualifications are simply being over the age of 18 and not having any family members who live or work at the facility where you volunteer. CareLink provides all the necessary training.

Additional Resources Extended to Active Older People

In addition, access to local Senior Centers is a great resource for active seniors in Central Arkansas. CareLink extends services like legal assistance or Medicare prescription drug counseling as well.

For More Information

If you are looking for resources for yourself or an aging loved one in Central Arkansas, CareLink would love to help. We are an advocate for the elderly in our community, connecting them and their families to the necessary resources to age gracefully and independently. If you have any questions or need further direction, please contact your friends at CareLink today.

A note about COVID-19

For over 40 years, CareLink has helped care for the elderly in Central Arkansas, and growing concerns over the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) makes this care more important than ever. Please do your part by staying home, practicing social distancing, and washing your hands as often as possible.

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