Sweet Love and Meals on Wheels Serve Up Something Sweet

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Sweet Love and Meals on Wheels Serve Up Something Sweet

For Kelli Marks, owner of Sweet Love, baking is a beloved hobby turned business. Kelli's passion for things sweet began when she took on the challenge of creating a special cake for her grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. For months, she experimented with recipes and decorating techniques and, when she saw the final product, she was in awe. From that point forward, she was hooked! She continued to try new things, practicing by baking cakes for her nephews' birthdays. Several years later, inspired by the increasing number of requests from her friends for her tasty creations, Kelli decided to leave the world of advertising to open her own bakeshop. For Kelli who has always enjoyed artistic endeavors, making beautiful treats was just a matter of applying that talent to a different medium - sweets. She thinks of each cake and cupcake as a piece of art. "It's so pretty," she says. "AND you can eat it!" Kelli prides herself on Sweet Love's use of natural ingredients, scratch recipes and their boutique-style, small batch baking.   Now in her 3rd year of business, Kelli is excited to launch partnerships with other local businesses. (Sweet Love recently began offering desserts at a number of Little Rock restaurants.) Kelli also enjoys giving back and participating in community events. Tasting events, like CareLink's Cupcakes for Goodness Sake are her favorite!   "Cupcakes for Goodness Sake" will be held Oct. 11 from 2-4 p.m. Tickets will be available beginning in early September. CareLink is currently working to secure sponsorships for this event. All funds raised will help provide much-needed meals for seniors in central Arkansas. If you or your business is interested in supporting "Cupcakes for Goodness Sake," call CareLink's Development Office at 501-688-7469.

Posted by Meredith Hale at 3:45 PM