March is for Meals: Why Meals on Wheels Matters

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March is for Meals: Why Meals on Wheels Matters

Did you know that in March of 1972, Meals on Wheels was first established? To honor this important anniversary, we want to share some of the reasons Meals on Wheels is so special!

If you have ever received a warm meal from a friend, family member, or coworker, you know how important that meal means to you. It’s a sign of care and thoughtfulness, prepared for you usually during times of stress, illness, grief, or a big life change.

Consider how a meal can change a life for many homebound older adults. These people – our neighbors and friends – rely on the help of others to have a healthy, freshly cooked meal delivered right to them.

For many, the Meals on Wheels delivery is the highlight of their day! Meals on Wheels brings a friendly face, kind conversation, and food to enjoy – who wouldn’t be delighted by its arrival?

Find out why we love Meals on Wheels, and why CareLink is proud to offer it to our friends throughout the Central Arkansas area.

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Meals on Wheels is Healthy

For many of our older neighbors, access to a healthy meal is hard to come by. Why is Meals on Wheels so important for providing meals? It is even more important because of the many challenges that can surface for older adults, including:

  • No nearby grocery stores, and the growing prominence of food deserts throughout the country
  • The expense and level of energy needed to prepare healthy meals
  • The convenience and low cost of unhealthy fast food restaurants
  • The inability to walk or drive the distance required to find a better food option
  • Health reasons, either physical or mental, that make the task of regular meal preparation difficult to manage

For these and many other reasons, older adults look to Meals on Wheels for a healthy alternative.

The meals provided by Meals on Wheels are balanced and nutritious, filled with many of the key vitamins needed for older bodies. Bones are strengthened with dairy products; immunity is boosted with fruits; and vegetables help keep hearts and eyes working well.

Additionally, hunger can be a leading cause of older people having accidents or falling. Without enough food, many of us can feel faint and dizzy. For older people, who tend to eat less anyway, skipping meals can lead to broken bones and other painful incidents.

By offering a balanced meal, Meals on Wheels keeps our older neighbors feeling good, engaged, energized, and strong. Even when some of life’s challenges arise, older adults find comfort in knowing that their next meal will arrive right on time.

Meals on Wheels is Caring

Meals on Wheels for Senior CitizensWhile the food is nourishing in one way, the visits and fellowship that come from Meals on Wheels is nurturing in another way.

For seniors who are homebound, getting a visit from a Meals on Wheels volunteer may be the first person they have seen or spoken to in awhile. A leading problem among older communities is loneliness. Without regular interaction from family members, friends, or neighbors, many older adults are subject to long days and nights of solitude.

When a Meals on Wheels volunteer stops by, a familiar face is there to be uplifting, share in conversation, ask questions, listen, and – quite simply – be a friend.

Not only is Meals on Wheels a positive interaction for one’s spirit, but it is also a vital service for checking on our older neighbors. Because these older adults are often living alone and unable to get out of the home, the likelihood for accidents that are unreported can be greater.

With someone regularly stopping by to say hello and drop off a meal, an older person has a point of contact with the outside world, who can help with a problem they may have.

The caring spirit of Meals on Wheels gives a refreshing sense of community, in a world where we are often too busy to stop and check in on a neighbor. Simple conversation, care, and kindness can certainly go a long way!

Meals on Wheels is Fulfilling

Even beyond the many ways Meals on Wheels fulfills the lives of its recipients, the program is also incredibly rewarding for the volunteers who take part in it each day.

For a volunteer opportunity that requires little time but with a maximum return on your effort, Meals on Wheels is a great fit for many people. To participate, it is as easy as donating your lunch hour once per week to deliver meals.

Instead of paying for a meal out somewhere, use your lunch hour to give back, help others, and feel rejuvenated!

If you are retired and seeking more ways to get involved with Meals on Wheels and other CareLink volunteer opportunities, we would love to hear from you. Not only does volunteering fill your schedule, it is also a wonderful way to make friends, be inspired, and take care of an older generation that needs your support.

Meals on Wheels Needs You!

Within the past year, many threats have been made to the funding of many vital programs, including Meals on Wheels. Since then, there has been an outpouring of support for the program.

Many people know how valuable Meals on Wheels is – for recipients and volunteers alike – and that it is a program that truly works.

The list for those who are interested in receiving Meals on Wheels continues to grow. As the Baby Boomer generation ages, there are more older people who are in need of the wonderful services Meals on Wheels provides.

To ensure that Meals on Wheels continues to be supported, donations and volunteers are always welcome. Contact CareLink today, and use the buttons below to get more information about donating to and volunteering with this great cause.

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Meals on Wheels for Central Arkansas

In Arkansas, we know that a little Southern hospitality can go a long way in brightening someone’s day. The value of sharing a little conversation, smiles, and well wishes – along with a warm meal – is immeasurable.

Especially for older people who feel a void in life, whether in need of something to eat or for someone to talk to, Meals on Wheels delivers meals and so much more.

This March, to mark 46 years successful years of the program, help us celebrate Meals on Wheels by getting involved. Learn more about the program and the help we need, and apply to become a volunteer today!