Giving Tuesday

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Giving Tuesday

Launched in 2012, Giving Tuesday is a global event made possible through social media channels and the generosity of people like you. The event happens every year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and inspires millions the world around to give back to a great cause. If you are looking for ways to participate in the festive season, here is your chance to make generosity go viral! This year, Giving Tuesday is Dec. 3, 2019.

Getting involved

Giving Tuesday starts with social media. The more you share their message of kindness and collaboration through hashtags or posts, the greater the wave of generosity can spread. One of the best ways to get involved is to post about how you are taking part in Giving Tuesday, which is why we have compiled some of the best small things you can do to make a difference.

It’s the little things.

Giving Tuesday posted this handy calendar to use as a guide or a way to find inspiration. They suggest little acts of kindness each day in order to spread the feeling of giving. One of our favorite suggestions is buying a coffee shop gift card and posting it on social media for any stranger to use. Other ways include picking up groceries for your neighbor, calling a friend you have not spoken to in a while, or volunteering to babysit for a friend. These ideas are sure to make anyone smile and encourage them to pay it forward. The more people you offer your kindness, the greater Giving Tuesday grows and the happier the charitable season is.

Guide for organizations

Giving Tuesday offers a toolkit full of ideas and resources to better help you plan your campaigns. This includes social media toolkits for nonprofits, communication plans, and sample press releases. The most important thing is to plan out your strategy beforehand. By creating a timetable of your actions or your communications, you can make the most out of the global day of giving.

Guide for individuals

For those who want to get involved by themselves, giving a donation is a great way to start. Although you can use this guide to help you find nonprofits that need funding, any charity or organization can benefit from your kindness. Another option is to give goods to the homeless, those in your local community, or nonprofits, such as food banks and shelters. This is a great way to involve others, as you can ask your friends and family to donate goods and even help you to deliver them.


Volunteering is one of the best ways to show your kindness. Not only can you experience the hard work of nonprofits, but you can also help them give to others in need. Find a nonprofit in your area that you believe in and support them for a day. You are sure to learn as much about your community as you will learn about yourself. You might even decide to volunteer more often.

CareLink services

CareLink is a nonprofit organization headquartered in North Little Rock that has been providing resources to older people and their families throughout Central Arkansas since 1979. For 40 years now, our mission is to connect older people and their families with the resources necessary to meet both the opportunities and challenges of aging. As a nonprofit, we rely on volunteers, donations, and companies that give grants to nonprofits to continue our work of helping the older generation in Central Arkansas. 100 percent of the donations we receive go to benefiting thousands of lives in Central Arkansas and the more we receive, the more people we can help. But in the charitable season with so many nonprofits asking for your dollar, we understand that choosing a worthy cause can be difficult. This is why we ensure that your dollars go further when making donations to CareLink. We do this by keeping our expenses lean and providing an Annual Report to give you peace of mind.

Furthermore, we give you the option of donating to the part of our organization that you wish to support. Perhaps you want to aid our Meals on Wheels program, which delivers approximately 1,200 hot and frozen meals a day to seniors throughout Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Maumelle. It even provides resources to help other organizations provide meals to the aging community throughout our six-county service area. Or maybe you would like to support our Urgent Needs service where we ensure senior homeowners’ homes are habitable at all times and that no circumstances force them out of their home.


Join us this festive season as we make Arkansas a better place for our seniors. For more information about how you can support CareLink, call our Development department at (501) 688-7469 or email For more information about getting services for you or an onlder loved one, contact us at (501) 372-5300.