Fitness Classes Bring Lasting Change

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Fitness Classes Bring Lasting Change

When Carrie showed up for her first CareLink Fitness & Wellness class, she was looking for a change. “I was having some weight issues and some blood pressure issues. I decided, since those issues ran in my family, I really needed to take control of it. I have access to this great facility so I am taking full advantage of it.”

"I’ve lost 45 pounds and it has given me more energy.” Health and weight loss are not the only changes CareLink’s fitness classes have brought to Carrie’s life. “I really love the Zumba class,” Carrie raves. “It has a lot of energy and I get to socialize with ladies my age. We even leave class and go to the movies and to dinner sometimes. We really enjoy each other and those friendships all started with this fitness program.”

“Our instructor, Katrina, brings out all the energy! You can’t even tell we’re senior citizens,” Carrie laughs. “She treats us like teenagers and she wants us to move like we’re teenagers.”

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Posted by Meredith Hale at 3:15 PM