Why Fundraising Matters to Nonprofits

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CareLink Makes Your Dollars Go Further

Have you ever considered a gift to CareLink?

If you check the mail, turn on the TV, answer the unknown caller, or get on social media, there’s a good possibility you will see an organization or friend asking for donations.

Sometimes, it can seem overwhelming.

Should you feel called to support one of these entities and get past the bombardment of requests, there are still decisions to make. Who does what? What causes matter to me? How much can I donate? How do I know my money is going to where it says?

Hear us out.

At CareLink, fundraising is an integral part of the organization. Your gifts truly make a difference in the lives of thousands in Central Arkansas. CareLink relies on generous support from individuals, businesses, and foundations—in addition to government grants—to provide resources for older people and their families. Donations directly increase the number of people we can serve.

We know we can’t just ask you for money, and we don’t want to. We want to show you who we are, show you who we help, and show you how you can have confidence in your support of us.

We hope the events we attend, the content we share on social media, the interviews we have with local media, and the way we promote CareLink when we aren’t on the clock shows you how we help older people overcome the challenges of aging.

Now let us show you how you can have peace of mind when you support CareLink.

CareLink is running in as lean a manner as possible.

We strive to keep our fundraising and administrative expenses low. Our Annual Report shows a breakdown of our revenue, expenses, and services provided. We hope you are pleased by our transparency and accountability in being able to show our donors exactly where their money is going.

By keeping expenses lean, we can use your gifts for programs and services that help us continue caring for the growing number of people that need CareLink to remain in their own homes, where they want to be.

We hope to make it as easy and fulfilling as possible. You have several options and can designate your gift to the exact program or area you wish, like Meals on Wheels or Urgent Needs, and rest assured that 100% of your gift is going to that important program.

By choosing Meals on Wheels, you are helping us deliver food and friendship to our neighbors in Central Arkansas.

A gift to Urgent Needs ensures that small problems threatening seniors to leave their homes are taken care of, like air conditioning in Arkansas’s hot summers or plumbing problems causing our friends to go without running water.

You may also wish to make a gift to CareLink’s “greatest need” fund which helps keep the lights on and the wheels turning on all our many programs.

You may be part of an organization looking to expand its philanthropic reach by becoming a corporate partner.

You may choose to make a gift online, mail in a donation to P.O. Box 3140, Little Rock, AR 72203, or drop by our office at 700 W. Riverfront in North Little Rock. We would love to meet you!

CareLink also tries to secure matching donations each year so your dollars are often doubled, and you can feel twice as nice about your gift. This year, we launched Double Day on May 16th. Thanks to a generous donation from the family of Dom Yezzi to match all donations up to $10,000.

If you’d like to see your dollars in action, we offer tours of our Meals on Wheels kitchen or volunteer routes to deliver lunches. If you’re interested in a look behind the scenes, contact our Vice President of Development, Randi Metcalf at rmetcalf@carelink.org or by calling 501-688-7469.

In addition to the exceptional care we provide, we have a responsibility to be conscientious in the way we use funds provided by our generous donors. There are many opportunities to contribute and be involved in the community. We are grateful if you choose to support CareLink.