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3 Ways to Volunteer in Little Rock

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Volunteering in Little Rock

If you’re looking for ways to volunteer in Little Rock, you’ve come to the right place. As a city with more than 50 nonprofit organizations, there is always an open opportunity for those interested in giving back to the community. From community service to fundraising events, you can find it all right here in Little Rock. 

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Meals on Wheels for Senior Citizens

Provide Meals to the Elderly and Disabled with Meals on Wheels

One unique way to get involved in the community this year is to participate in providing meals to elderly and disabled individuals. Providing meals and spending time with the elderly and disabled can make a huge impact on those you serve. It can become difficult for some elderly and disabled to make it to the grocery store or local market each week. Meals on Wheels has become one of the most beneficial ways to give back to different generations. 

Volunteer with Meals on Wheels in Little Rock

Meals on Wheels, established in 1954, has been serving seniors in the Little Rock area by providing nutritionally balanced meals throughout the week. Because you may be the only smiling face they see each day, bonds will be built through simply delivering a meal to their home. Not only can you volunteer by delivering meals, but you can also volunteer at group settings and community programs. In these environments, the elderly and disabled have the opportunity to socialize with others over a delicious meal. 

You can brighten someone’s day through volunteering with Meals on Wheels. Whether you are interested in giving your time every weekday or once a month, the elderly and disabled will be grateful for the work you do. To volunteer for Meals on Wheels, fill out a volunteer application.  

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Senior Citizens with Caretaker

Spend Time with a Senior Citizen

Another way to volunteer your time in Little Rock is to spend time with senior citizens in our community. If spending time with a senior citizen hasn’t been on your priority list, you're probably missing out on ample opportunities to learn about our world, wise lessons, and encouraging stories. By spending time with the elderly, you will gain a new found-joy for serving others of a different generation and building bonds with people who have experienced life differently than you. 

Volunteer at Senior Centers in Arkansas

For those looking to volunteer by spending time with a senior citizen, look no further than senior centers right here in Arkansas. With more than 25 senior centers in 6 different counties, there are endless opportunities to volunteer in many different ways. Spending time with senior citizens not only benefits you, but it also helps them to:

  • Improve mental health
  • Build bonds 
  • Eliminate loneliness
  • Feel valuable

Interested in volunteering at your local senior center? We have made a large list of senior centers in Little Rock, including CareLink, so check them out for your next opportunity to give back. 

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Speak up for the Vulnerable

Those living in assisted living facilities and nursing homes are vulnerable and often need someone to speak for their behalf. It can be hard for families to leave their loved ones in a group-living facility because they fear the unknown. However, with your volunteer help, you can give the elderly in these facilities a voice by joining CareLink’s Volunteer Ombudsman Program

What does a volunteer ombudsman do?

Volunteer ombudsmen are the voice for those living in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. By listening to residents’ grievances and monitoring living conditions, ombudsmen are able to find solutions for each of their complaints and secure a safe environment. Alongside solving residents’ complaints, ombudsmen schedule weekly visits to spend time with each of their residents. By building relationships with these individuals, you become an advocate for those living in facilities everywhere. 

How do I become a volunteer ombudsman?

To become a volunteer ombudsman, you must be at least 18 years old, without any immediate family members (living or working) in the location you will be serving at. Before you begin serving, you will go through training classes and orientation for the facility you will be working in. 

Interested in becoming a volunteer ombudsman? Complete an application to start your journey.  

Volunteer in Little Rock with CareLink

Volunteering is one of the best ways to learn more about your community, build your resume, and spend time with individuals who need it most. At CareLink, we are passionate about providing volunteer opportunities to Arkansas residents in order to continue improving our great community. 

To volunteer at CareLink, fill out an application today.


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